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Super huge update

Such blog neglect happening this year! I need to do a better job to document everything so I can turn my blog into a kind of family yearbook. We’ve been a little busy. 🙂 We are finally a family of four & are loving it. Lily is a wonderful addition to our family & she fits right in. Since I’m so far behind, I’m going to just post pictures of what’s been happening the last several months.


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Tee ball!


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My birthday & the referral of our beautiful daughter, Lily


SO excited we have a daughter!!!!

SO excited we have a daughter!!!!




Washing my first load of mostly PINK clothes



Meeting & bringing home our daughter


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So, these were just the highlights. Of course a lot more went on, but because I didn’t blog it, I don’t remember all the details. Hoping to do better from now on since we are settled as a family of four. However next week I start back to work! 😦  That’s gonna throw a curve ball & will take some getting used to too.


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We have been home for about 7 weeks! Here’s a small update with pictures.

Our adoption from Japan

Yes….I know! We’ve been home almost 7 weeks & you haven’t had an update. I’m SO SORRY!!! If we are friends on Inst*gram or F*cebook then you have seen our updates there. 🙂 I haven’t had the time or made the time to sit down & update the blog. Our family blog hasn’t been updated in forever! I’m so behind.

We have been getting used to being a family of four & absolutely love it!! I have also enjoyed my time at home with the kids (I wrote kids!!!! Eek! I still cannot believe she’s home & she’s ours!! 🙂 ). Lily is the perfect fit for our family. She is a cuddly little love bug. We’ve been busy with bonding, doctors appointments, play dates, swimming lessons for Samuel, church, lots of visitors for Lily, & everyday life. Just trying to find our new normal & get in that groove…

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