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September 3rd was Samuel’s first day of preschool for this new year! There are only 6 kids in his class, so it is small. I think this is good for him. His teacher is Ms. Madison. Samuel loves her & we do too! She does a lot of sensory projects with the kids & Samuel really likes that. I am thankful that I was able to take him to his first day of preschool. I’m also so excited to help Ms. Madison this year with special projects! The days that I’m off work & she needs help in the classroom, I will help her out. 🙂 I truly am so excited to do this! I love being a mom!



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Camping trip!

Over Labor Day weekend we went camping with Nanny & Pappy in their new camper! Samuel had been looking forward to this weekend for a long time! He talked about it almost every day once he heard we were going camping. He loves trucks & trailers. Especially 18 wheelers & now campers. He was so excited to get to finally sleep in the camper! I unfortunately forgot my camera, but took a few with my phone.

On Friday, August 30th, Samuel had preschool orientation. I had to work all day so daddy took him to meet his new teacher. After orientation Samuel went on down to the beach with Nanny & Pappy. He loved that so much! He was pulling the camper behind the truck! Bill & I headed to the beach after I got off work so we arrived late. Samuel woke up enough to tell us all about the camper. He was kind of talking in his sleep. It was pretty funny! Saturday we had breakfast & then went to the beach. I’m so glad Samuel loves the beach! We went to the pool after being on the beach for a little while. Then daddy & Samuel took a nap while I went back to the beach. Dana, Joey, Brit, Joseph, Kayla, & Joey’s brother & his girlfriend were there with us too in Dana & Joey’s camper. They were at the beach when I went back out so I hung out with them for a little while. Later that night we went to eat dinner at a Japanese steakhouse. Samuel always likes the show they do. We also got Samuel all ready & geared up for soccer while we were out! Thanks Nanny & Pappy for helping us out! Sunday was mostly a repeat of Saturday except we had to leave around 3:45 to head back home so I could work on Monday. We hated to leave the beach because we had so much fun! The rest of the family stayed until Monday.

It was a quick trip, but so wonderful. We loved the family time & are thankful for that time. Thank you for letting us go & Samuel especially is thankful for getting to use the camper! He asks all the time when we are going back to the beach with the camper!

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