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Happy birthday Gennie!

On June 24th one of my baby sisters turned 18!!! We celebrated & had a birthday party for her. 🙂 She is so special to her family & anyone that meets her really. She brings joy & laughter to every room she enters. She hates to see anyone upset & likes to cheer them up. She is such a special woman. I can’t believe she’s 18 now!! She wanted a Captain America cake, so that’s what she got. 🙂 I made the cake like his shield & the inside was like an American flag.

We love you so much Juju! You are so special & I’m thankful every day that you are my sister. You are going to do great things!!!



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Happy Father’s Day!

We had a wonderful Father’s Day weekend celebrating the dads in our lives. On Saturday we had my dad over for dinner. My brother & his family came too. It was a relaxing time of grilling out & enjoying each other’s company. The littles played well together! Emma & Samuel have become such good friends. They are so cute together. Of course little Laney is adorable & such a smiley girl. 🙂  We had fun celebrating daddy & spending time together as a family.

On Sunday morning we celebrated Bill! Samuel gave daddy his card & then we went to church. I’m so thankful for Bill & the daddy that he is. He especially loves Samuel’s age now that he can actively play. We love spending time together at church so I’m thankful it’s always on a Sunday. Later that day we went to visit Bill’s dad. We had fun spending time with him &  hopefully telling him how special he is!

I hope all the daddy’s in our lives felt special that weekend. We don’t have much to give material wise, but we try to give our time & love. 🙂 We love you Daddy, Danny, & Bill! You are all so special & mean so much to us!!


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Random pics of my boy

Helping momma make pancakes!

Helping momma make pancakes!

His new summer 'do :)

His new summer ‘do 🙂

Celebrating & supporting adoption with a Wendy's frosty!

Celebrating & supporting adoption with a Wendy’s frosty!

He's loves the pool! He's a little fish!

He’s loves the pool! He’s a little fish!

So proud of his 18 wheeler he built all by himself!

So proud of his 18 wheeler he built all by himself!

Holding sweet Madilyn!

Holding sweet Madilyn!

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Meeting a friend

On June 14th we were able to go meet a blogger/facebook friend in real life!!! We have known each other for a few years through our blogs & adoption stories, but had never been able to meet in real life as we lived too far away. My friend Christy & her kids were on a cross-country trip! They happened to be coming through our state. It wasn’t too far of a drive for us, so we headed out to meet them. We were able to play at the park & have lunch together. Christy & her children are so sweet! I’m so glad that we were able to finally meet each other & get to chat together even if it was only for a couple of hours. The kids had a blast playing at the park & meeting each other too. Thank you Christy for taking time out of your travels to meet with us! It was such a blessing & I’m so glad to have finally met you in real life. Please let me know if you ever come this way again!!!

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The beach for a day

The second week of June we went to the beach for the day with my sisters (Gennie & Mary), my best friend (Beth), her children (Jacob, Andrew, Isaac, & Madilyn), & her sister (Hannah). Gennie & Hannah rode together & then Beth & I rode together with all the kids! It was a full ride & mostly fun. 😉 We left early in the morning around 6:40 or so. It took a little while to get there with a few stops along the way, but the kids did fairly well for such a long car ride & so many of them. We played on the beach for several hours & had a picnic on the beach too. Jacob & Mary rode their boogie boards most of the time. Andrew, Isaac, Samuel, & Madilyn played in the sand & at the surf. After a little while we headed to the aquarium. For some reason I don’t have any pictures of the aquarium. There may be some on my phone. The kids had so much fun together! They all got along well! Beth & I were so thankful for Gennie & Hannah’s help with the little ones. I don’t think we could have done it without them! The ride home ended up being a little long. There were some horrible storms at home & they were headed our way. They were telling everyone to take cover & not drive through the storm. We had most of our family calling Beth & I telling us how bad the storms were. We had to decide what to do. We ended up stopping at a shopping center & going inside when we first saw the bad clouds. Thankfully we only experienced winds & rain. The kids were so tired, but did ok once they had ring pops. 🙂  After stopping for about an hour we started back towards home & got back around 10:30 or so (I think). Overall we had a great time & Beth & I both said we do it again. We just needed a few days to recover. 😉  We aren’t sure if Gennie & Hannah would agree to help us again or not. 🙂  I think they now want to plan a trip with just the 2 of them, & I don’t blame them. Haha! It was certainly a fun day for us & we are so grateful for our friends that like to have just as much fun as us!

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One of my little sisters, Gennie, graduated from high school on Saturday, June 8th! I cannot believe she is finished with high school! We are so proud of you Gennie! We are sorry that Bill couldn’t be there (he needed to be with his dad at the time). You are such a sweet girl with a love for the Lord! We hope you continue to follow God’s path & plan for your life. Always keep Him first in everything you do. We are here for you no matter what! We love you & look forward to seeing the plans God has for you unfold. You are such a special blessing & treasure!


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