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June 4th was our 8th anniversary! We decided to go away for the weekend, just the two of us. We went to the beach for the weekend & had so much fun! It was very relaxing & just fun! Of course there were a lot of times that we thought, “Samuel would love this, or if Samuel were here he’d say this.” We did miss our sweet boy so much, but it was a great time for us to spend time together alone. We arrived Friday evening & the first thing I wanted to do was hit the beach! We got everything up to the room & rested for a little bit. Then I finally got Bill up to go down to the beach. 🙂  It was the perfect weather for our beach weekend! I’m so thankful that the weather was gorgeous. We stayed out on the beach for a couple of hours & then headed in to get ready for a late dinner. We went to a Japanese steak house, one of our favorites, & then saw a late movie called After Earth. We haven’t done that in forever! The movie was pretty good. Probably not one I would have chosen to see, but hubby wanted to.

On Saturday we had plans to go on a dolphin jet ski tour. We got up & had breakfast, then headed over to where we needed to be. Bill drove the jet ski & I rode with him. I was completely fine just riding. It was SO much fun!!! I’m so glad that we did that! Again, we missed our boy, but we wouldn’t have been able to do this if he were with us. We rode around for a while & made our way to an island. We stopped & explored the island for a little while. I found a beautiful olive shell on the island. After exploring the island we headed out into the ocean to find dolphins. Unfortunately that day they weren’t able to find the dolphins. They said the shrimp boats weren’t out & that’s usually what attracts them. We still had so much fun! Since we didn’t see any dolphins they gave us a cd of the pictures they took while we were riding the jet skis & on the island.

After the jet skis we headed back to our room & had lunch on the patio. It was very nice & relaxing. 🙂 Then we went out to the beach for several hours. Well, Bill came to the beach with me for a short while & then headed back to the room to take a nap. I was completely fine enjoying being on the beach, reading, listening to the ocean, & relaxing. After several hours I went back up to the room & we got ready for dinner. We had seafood & then went to the outlet malls. We shopped a little & then enjoyed some home-made ice cream. We were looking forward to getting home to Samuel, but not leaving the beach. I seriously think I could live there. I absolutely love the beach! We went back to the room & the next morning we went back to the beach for a short time. We wanted to soak in as much as we could! We checked out just in time. There was a new mall that I wanted to see, so we went there before going back home. It wasn’t what I thought, so we ended up leaving & going back towards home to get our boy.

Thank you Mimi & Pop-pop for taking such great care of our Samuel for us! We know he had a blast & really enjoyed it! Thank you Nanny & Pappy for keeping Buddy for us. 🙂 We know he was taken care of too.


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Anna’s birthday

Since I started doing the birthday shout-outs, I want to continue throughout the year! June 3rd was Aunt Anna’s birthday! We hope you had a great day celebrating with your precious family (almost a month late on the blog, sorry!)! We love you so much & are so excited to meet our new little niece/cousin in November. Happy birthday!

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Kayla’s graduation

On May 23rd our sweet niece Kayla had her small school graduation. We are so proud of her & the woman she has become. We know that God has big plans for her & can’t wait to see them play out! We love you Kay-kay & are always here for you!


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