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Potty training

So, shortly after Samuel’s 2nd birthday I attempted a few times to put him on the potty. He never did anything & wasn’t really interested. So, I decided I wasn’t going to push the issue. If wasn’t ready, I wasn’t ready! I didn’t want to fight him on it & he was still my baby! He’s growing up so fast! Well one Sunday (I believe April 21)¬†at church in the nursery they asked if anyone needed to potty. Samuel said he did & they took him & he went! So when I picked him up after Sunday service they asked if we were potty training & I said no. They told me what happened & I decided to run with it! He has done so well. Much better than I ever expected. He got the hang of it really fast. Now, the first several days were hard & it took a little longer for him to go #2 in the potty, but I think overall he’s done great. After 2-3 weeks he had everything down completely. He still had a few accidents here & there, but that’s to be expected. By the time we went to the beach in May he was completely potty trained & told us when he needed to go. We didn’t have to ask him a 100 times a day anymore by that point!

So thankful that he’s done so well. Now….if we can just get this sleep thing under control. Yeah…you know the big boy bed? He did great for the first 2 weeks. After that it went downhill! I’m not looking forward to this sleep training again, but it’s got to be done soon. Maybe this can go better than I expect? Probably not, but we’ll see soon.


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Beach trip #1

So, I’m trying to catch up a little on the blog here! It’s been a while. The last few months have been crazy & I just haven’t taken the time to post anything. I’ll be trying to back track a few posts. I’m sure I’ll miss some things!

First up, our first beach trip of the year! I LOVE the beach & am so happy that my son does too. ūüôā¬† Samuel could have stayed on the beach all day every day. This trip we only spent a little time on the beach because it was¬†a little cool. We went in March with my momma, Elvis, Gennie, & Mary.

We went to the aquarium & Samuel loved it. He was asleep when we first got there, but woke up to join the fun. We did all kinds of things like searching for shark’s teeth, doctored turtles, watched sharks & fish, looked at all the sea animals, & had so much fun.





Searching for shark’s teeth

We also went to the Wright’s Brothers¬†Museum. That was very cool & Samuel liked the open area to run & play.

Daddy was running with Samuel in the stroller & he loved it!


On our last day at the beach we flew kites & walked on the beach. We hated to go!

Daddy helping fly the kite. The sky was so beautiful!


I love these sweet feet!


We had such a wonderful time at the beach with our family. We always have a great time with our family & wish we could spend more time with all of them. Thank you momma & Elvis for inviting us to come with you! We had a blast!

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