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There have been a lot of flashback posts lately. πŸ™‚ I can’t believe it’s already time to start doing these. Warms my heart! Well, a year ago today we saw Samuel’s sweet little face for the first time & learned all about him. We actually heard all about him & then saw his pictures last. We were blessed with many pictures of our little man. I’m so thankful for these as we don’t have any of him prior to around 5 1/2 months old. I’ve been reminiscing all day & can’t help but smile! It was such an exciting, nerve-wracking day for us. We got up early & went to breakfast. Then made the long drive to our home study agency. I remember they were doing some road construction & we just barely made it on time. That stressed me out! Both of us were a nervous wreck in the waiting area! Thankful they didn’t make us wait too long. That day seems so long ago, yet at the same time seems like it was yesterday. Samuel is a part of us. πŸ™‚ He is our pride & joy. It seems as if he has been with us so long & yet not at the same time. Because I will never forget waiting. Wanting to be parents so badly while all around us our friends were becoming parents. It almost felt unattainable, yet we knew it would eventually happen…we just didn’t know when. That’s why adoption is such an emotional roller coaster. While we didn’t wait nearly as long as some of my friends have or currently are, I think the ache is all the same. There’s a void that only that sweet little face on the other side of the world (or wherever they are) can fill. I’m so glad we said yes! I can’t imagine my life any other way!

Here is a little of what I posted last year at this time:

Yep…unexplainable joy! I’ts a boy!!!!!!!!! His name is Samuel. He is absolutely precious! Can’t wait to have him home forever! He is 5 months old and adorable! The best news is we were told he’d be home in 2-3 months! Yay! Wonderful news! Which means we better get started on his room. He’ll be home soon! πŸ™‚

*I will post pictures of his sweet face as soon as I can. We cannot post pictures online until our paper work is in Korea. When we are given the okay, they will be up ASAP!!

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Flashback: One year ago

Wow! It’s been one year since we got the call that changed our lives forever for the better! We received our referral call on 8/2/10. It was such a wonderful day! We didn’t know any info. on the referral. We had to wait until the next day. Needless to say we were so excited & were not able to sleep very much! It almost seems like a dream. It seems as if Samuel has been with us forever. πŸ™‚ We love him so much! I really am sitting here thinking about our sweet boy with tears in my eyes & unable to fully put into words the love that I have for him. It is an amazing feeling! I LOVE being Samuel’s mommy! I love seeing him play & laugh with his daddy. I love hearing his sweet infectious laugh & seeing him smile so big his little eyes are just slivers & disapper.Β He is the sweetest boy I know!

Here is an excerpt from my post last year on our referral call:

We received our referral call on Monday! Here’s our story:

We were surprised to have our referral so soon. I had just emailed our SW about a 1-2 weeks before & asked her how things were going. She said referrals were at 6-8 months with most at the 8 month mark. So we weren’t expecting it so soon! Then Monday evening (8/2/10) she called home & my husband was asleep. So she called my cell, but I was on my way home from work & my cell was dead! I couldn’t find my car charger, but was like “oh well…I’ll be home soon.” I get home & my husband comes running out & says “Our agency called & said to call them back! I’ve been trying to call you on your cell phone!” I ran inside & called our SW back. She was in a meeting & they asked me if I wanted to leave a message. So, I did. Then we had to wait about 30 minutes for her phone call back! That was the longest 30 minutes of my life! I was very tempted multiple times to call her again, but I knew she was busy & she always returns phone calls…so I waited. We weren’t sure if it was our referral call or not, but they said they wouldn’t call unless they had GREAT news. She finally called back & she said, “I have some great news for you!” We were thrilled to say the least! That night we didn’t find out any details…we had to wait until our meeting with our SW on Tuesday @ 12:00. When we went to the meeting we found out first that it was a boy, then all the details about him, & lastly we got to see his sweet face. She said if she showed us his picture first we wouldn’t listen to anything else she said!

I can’t even describe the joy! So, I’ll just post what I journaled on Monday!


“I can’t even explain the things I’m feeling right now! Unexplainable joy! πŸ™‚ WE GOT OUR REFERRAL CALL TODAY!!! I can’t believe it! It doesn’t seem real. We don’t have any details at all right now, but will find out tomorrow at 12:00! Yay! We are excited…ecstatic! With this means we have more waiting, oh but we get to see our sweet baby’s face tomorrow! I can hardly wait! I hope our baby knows how much we already love them and how when we see them we’ll fall even more in love with them. We’ll fall in love all over again when we get to hold them in our arms and take them home FOREVER! Thank You Jesus! Thank You for Your love and provision! We’re coming baby…just as asoon as we can! Yippe! πŸ™‚ “



I’ll say it a thousand times over: I love my sweet little Samuel!

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