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I just read an awesome post over at It’s almost naptime. Please take time to go read this post. You can click here to read it.

Wow!  I want my children’s hearts to desire God’s plan & will, not the world’s.


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Video of Kirill

Here’s  a video of the little boy, Kirill, in the last post. This is so sweet. He is so sweet. Please friends, pray for him. Pray that the judge will let him come home with his forever family. This breaks my heart & brings me to tears!

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Prayers please!

Please share & pass this along! This baby boy needs his forever family!

(Post below taken from Suzanne’s blog, www.joiningthejourney.blogspot.com)

Tesney and Greg Davis are trying to adopt a little boy from Russia who has Downs Syndrome. His name is Kirill. The judge said no, that he would be better off in an institution for the rest of his life b/c of his “medical condition”. She called him socially unadaptable. Is satan at work or what?!?! As we all know, special needs children are typically not cared for in orphanages. The caretakers do well to take care of the “normal” children. You throw an extra “need” to be cared for at them and they feel overwhelmed. These children ARE the FORGOTTEN ones. IF they can get the chance to receive love and the medical care that is needed, they will flourish…satan knows this. Here is the link to her blog which tells their story. They are appealing the decision, but things do not look good. They are asking for everyone to spread the word (especially to politicians, celebrities, news media, etc… anyone that can help get the word out so that the judge will be pressured to reverse this decision.)

Most of all PLEASE PRAY for this PRECIOUS little boy and the children like him who await their court dates, facing the same judge.

www.oureyesopened.blogspot.com  “Once our eyes are opened, we can’t pretend we don’t know what to do. God, who weighs our hearts and keeps our souls, knows what we know, and holds us responsible to act.” Prov. 24:12

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Helping Orphans

Would you like to help & support bringing a child to their forever family & home? I just wanted to let you know about 2 of my blogger friend’s fundraisers to bring their babies home.

The first one is Mary Leigh. She is selling some awesome t-shirts! Here’s what they look like & the different colors!  Please check out her site here if you are interested!

Superman Tee

The second one is Kelly. She is doing a t-shirt fundraiser as well! I love the baseball t-shirt she has! She also has regular t-shirts in a lot of fun colors! Please check out her blog here if you’re interested in helping them out! Here’s what they look like!

Please help bring these babies home!

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Children of God

I love Third Day’s music! They are the first Christian music group that I started listening to so long ago. I not only love Third Day, but I also love their families & the Children of God music video. If we’ve accepted Jesus as our Savior we are Children of God & are adopted into his family! 

I love this video! Enjoy!

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5 months

Last weekend marked 5 months that Samuel has been in our arms. I can’t believe how time has been flying by. I want it to slow down just a little! So, I’m trying to take the time to relish each moment. To remember & record each new thing that he does. He’s doing something new almost everyday. I’ve never had a child before, but I just LOVE this age! I can’t imagine it getting any better! He’s so sweet & precious. I love his little kisses & his little hands as he tries to sing our songs. I love hearing his little voice & how excited he gets when daddy gets home or when he sees Buddy after he wakes up. Even though he’s messy, I love watching him learn how to feed himself & make a mess.  I love teaching him how to color, do puzzles, learn new words, play with play-doh, learning animals & their sounds, & so much more. I love seeing him play outside & learning new things about the outside. I love rocking him to sleep & cuddling with him in the morning. 🙂 I love seeing my husband play with Samuel & making him laugh. That just makes me love Bill that much more. There’s so much more that I love, but it would take all day & night to write it all down.

I always knew I would love being a mom….but I never knew I would love it this much. The joy & love is so unexplainable!

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