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NVC In/Out

We are National Visa Center In & Out! Yay! I called this morning & found out! We were out as of 9/28/10! Yippee!

So, what does this mean? When NVC gives the Visa approval they will forward it to the Embassy in Korea who will issue a passport for Samuel. This gives permission for the him to enter the United States. They told us that typically, when NVC forwards its approval to Korea, we are within 2 weeks to travel!

Oh my goodness! Praise the Lord! Samuel…we are coming soon! 🙂


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Meeting a blogger friend :)

Today I met a dear blogger friend! It was Amy from A Quiet Heart! She is such a kindred spirit! It was amazing how many things we had in common. I felt like I had known her for such a long time. We instantly had a connection & were able to talk very easily with each other. We ate at Cracker Barrel (which was yummy!) & talked for a long time, but it hardly seemed like it. We also went to a few different shops & looked around. I got some books for Samuel! 🙂 We talked about adoption mostly. It was great to talk with someone that is going through the same experiences in adoption that I am. I am grateful that God allowed us to meet through our blogs & to share the experience of adoption. I am sure that we will stay in contact!

Thank you Amy for meeting & talking with me today! I had such a wonderful time! I cannot wait to see your sweet boy’s face & am praying for you to see him soon!

Here’s a picture of us at Cracker Barrel.

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I-600 approval!!!!!!!!

Here it is!!!!!!!!

We got our approval! YIPPEE! The approval date was 9/20/10. Can you hear the excitement? We are ecstatic! We can’t wait to have our baby boy home! Last time we talked with our agency they said once we received our I-600 approval we would travel for him in 2-3 weeks! That’s soon! Yay! They are sending us an email tomorrow outlining the final steps! Hopefully we will be in Korea in 2-3- weeks! I can’t wait until he’s in our arms forever!

We are SO close!

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Baby shower #3

We had baby shower #3 yesterday! We were extremely blessed again! As I’ve said before we are grateful that there is SO much family & friends that already love Samuel. He has so many goodies just waiting for him at home. Thank you so much momma, Teresa, Daniel & Anna for the wonderful baby shower! It was so nice! Thank you to everyone that came & gave gifts for Samuel or that helped in any way with the shower!

Here are some pics to see all of Samuel’s stuff!

The present table
Yummy food!
Beautiful cake

Cutie napkins
The most precious gift: Samuel’s first Bible! Thank you momma (Gennie & Mary)!

I LOVE my diaper bag! It’s adorable! It has his name on the front! 🙂
Yay! Toys!
He got more adorable clothes!
Proud parents! We’re all ready for you now Samuel!
Look at all those goodies!
We are so blessed!
More pics of his room to come soon! 🙂

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Protected: New pictures of Samuel

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Happy Chuseok!

Today is the beginning of Chuseok in Korea. It is from Sept. 21-23 this year. You may ask what is Chuseok? I did some searching online & think I have a general idea of it.

Chuseok is like Thanksgiving. It was originally known as Hangawi. It a 3 day holiday in Korea celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar. It is a time when people pay tribute & are thankful for their ancestors & share a huge feast of traditional Korean food. One of the main foods eaten is songpyeon. It’s a rice cake that is shaped like a crescent. It is steamed over pine needles. The people also return to their hometowns to show respect to their ancestors. There are folk games that they play on Chuseok that welcome & celebrate Autumn & harvest.

If you’d like to read an article on Chuseok from the Korean Times, go here.

Happy Chuseok!

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Update on Samuel

We received an update on Samuel today! It was not expected at all, but such a wonderful delight! They told us not to expect an update. We were thrilled to find one in our email this afternoon! We got a lot more pictures of him & a progress report. The picture are scanned, but they are sending the originals. The best part is he has things from the care package we sent in some of his pictures! We sent the little outfit he is wearing. There is a few photos of him with his little giraffe lovey & then there is a picture of him looking at the photo album we sent with pictures of us in it! That melted my heart! If I wasn’t already crying, I for sure would have been when I got to that picture!

Here are the things he is doing now:

  • Localizes direction of sound
  • Reacts differently to strangers
  • Prefers to be with people
  • Verbalizes for attention
  • Mouths all objects
  • Bangs objects
  • Interested in own mirror image
  • Lifts legs & grabs feet
  • Holds objects with palm & 5 fingers
  • Prone-raises self on extended arms
  • Makes consonant & vowel sounds
  • Rolls front to back
  • Rolls back to front
  • Pushes away unwanted objects
  • Rakes/scoops objects with hand
  • Eyes follow or seek fallen object
  • Full weight on legs when held up
  • Bounces actively
  • Creeps on stomach
  • Pivots
  • Sits tripod fashion (arms in forward support)
  • Says “Umma” (momma)

He is growing so much! He now weighs 16.7 pounds! He may have been born teeny tiny, but he is definitely making up for it! He has already changed! I wish we were there for all of these little milestones!

I’ll upload the pictures of him when I get the originals (hopefully we will get them). They ones I have are scanned in & sent via email. So, I need to figure out how to upload those. I’ll try!

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