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On THE day!

So here are 2 videos for you to enjoy! Yes, they are kind of crazy, but it shows the real moments.

This first video is of our referral call. It was 8/2/10 & we were playing phone tag with the social worker. So, I had the camera nearby just in case this was THE call! I know I look silly, but oh well! I don’t mind! 🙂


This video is the of my hubby the next day on our way to see Samuel for the first time & learn all about him! I didn’t know it was recording! Ha! I’m glad it was though! Precious…he was so nervous (as was I)!


(This was taken with my camera. I can’t figure out how to turn it the right way? Sorry!)


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A selfless donation

Last night we were privileged to attend a birthday party of a seven year old sweet little girl. Her name is Rachel & she is a precious China baby! She has a sister that is a doll too from Cambodia, Allena. They are all family friends. You see, their mom & dad (Terri & Allen) decided when they adopted Allena & Rachel that they would do something special on their birthdays. I believe they were both around 2 years old or so when they came home to their forever mommy & daddy. They said the girls were overstimulated & had so many toys, that they decided to have their birthday parties asking the guests to bring donations to benefit the orphanages where Allena & Rachel had been. Well their girls are older now & their mom & dad are proud that they both still continue that tradition. However last night, Rachel wanted her friends & family to donate funds to another cause…our adoption! How sweet & selfless of a seven year old to ask everyone to donate towards our adoption instead of bringing her gifts! I want to be like her when I grow up! 🙂 How many children today would ever think of that? Especially on their own? She did receive some gifts as well. People wanted to give to her as well because of how big her heart is! Mom, dad, & grandparents gave her gifts as well, so she was not left out on her special day.

We can never thank Rachel, her family, & her friends enough for their generosity. What an amazing family! They are helping bring Samuel home to his forever mommy & daddy! There are no words, nor enough, to describe how thankful we are! Samuel will know the selfless act that Rachel did to help him get home & the generosity of all of her family & friends. I hope that I can instill values like this into my children.

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They made it!

Finally, our acceptance paper work made it to our agency! YAY! Now, they should be off to Korea tomorrow! 🙂 We are so excited!

Last week was a rough week for us. We came home Tuesday & found our puppy had passed away. He was such a sweet boy. You may remember my post about him several months ago. To see pics of him go here. We miss him so much. I will save the details, but it was so sad. We were & still are very upset. Please pray for us.
We were also dealing with the stress of our paper work not getting to our agency. That was extremely stressful! I called the Maryland post office a total of 6 times last week! I called again this morning to make sure they were going to deliver it. It wouldn’t have gotten there again today if I hadn’t called. The explanation was they didn’t know why it was never delivered. There were sticky notes on it to go out ASAP. One said “Must go out on 8/12.” That’s because I called on the 11th inquiring about it. That was the first call. They just told me for some reason a whole bin of mail had not been delivered & my packet was in there!?! How do they miss a whole bin & weren’t others calling too? I don’t know…I’m just so excited that it is in our agency’s hands & will go out tomorrow (as long as I did all the paper work correctly…hopefully!)!
One wonderful day, was Thursday. Despite everything that had been going on, my best friend had her baby! Isaac Harper Herron. He’s such a cutie! I was able to hold him for a long time & that absolutely made my day. I LOVE babies! Can’t wait to have mine home! I’m SO missing this time with him right now.

I forgot to mention that we registered the day we sent off our acceptance papers (8/6/10). That was so much fun! We registered for any & everything! There’s so much baby stuff! It’s all so cute. How do you choose? We didn’t…just registered for anything we liked! We registered at Target & Babies R Us. We can’t wait for our baby showers! The first one is August 28. Yay! Samuel is going to be so spoiled!

So, this post was all over the place. Thanks everyone for the prayers this week.

Hang on Samuel…mommy & daddy are coming soon!

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Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek of our precious baby boy!
His little smile melts my heart!
His precious fingers

And little feet

I can’t wait to show you a full picture! Maybe this will hold you over until then! We are so in love with our baby boy & can’t wait until he is in our arms.

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Acceptance paperwork

Can I just say, “Use Fed Ex!”

We mailed our acceptance paperwork to our agency in Maryland last Friday. We used our local post office. We chose certified, priority mail with return receipt & paid extra for it to arrive on Monday (this past Monday!). Well, Monday rolls around & guess what? Our agency does not have the package. I track the package & it only shows that it was accepted at our local post office. So, I wait a day & figured it may be a little late. Wednesday our agency still doesn’t have it. I’m starting to freak out a little bit! So, then I start making some phone calls. Our local post office says they don’t have it & sent it to Maryland. They were very nice & were trying to locate our packet. They were calling the Maryland post office & even gave me the number to the Maryland post office to call too. I finally got in touch with someone & he did not like the fact that I suggested the packet may have not been scanned & if he could check the shelves to help us find the packet. He said he was very busy & took my name & numbers. He said he would “try” to look for it today, but couldn’t promise that because he had a lot to do & was looking for other packages as well. So, about 4:00 I still haven’t heard anything from this guy. I called our post office & they haven’t had any luck. I call Maryland again & speak with someone different this time. She basically tells me the same thing as the previous guy. I told her that I needed to speak with someone that could help me. The packet HAD to be found regardless. This was for our adoption & this was holding up bringing my baby home! She took my information as well, & said she would go look for it right then. Thankfully she actually called me back about 30 minutes later. While I’m waiting for her call back (which I was skeptical about) I called our post office back. She offers to put a trace on the package & would find out what she needed to do to get that started. Then the lady from the Maryland post office finally calls back! Yay! She found our packet! Praise! Guess where it was? Uh huh…that’s right! On a shelf…missed & not scanned! Who would’ve thought!?!

I was about to have a heart attack! I started getting really upset! It was finally scanned today in Maryland, so my tracking number does show that. Our agency did not get it today, but it should be there tomorrow! I might go crazy if not! Once our agency gets that info., they can send it all to Korea & then when it’s in Korea I can post pics of our sweet little man! I want to show him off SO bad! 🙂

So, like I said…Use Fed Ex! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that or do that! (However, this wasn’t a surprise to my Creator! He knew this would happen & it probably would have regardless. I had to rely on Him b/c that was the only One who had control!)

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Today was our 3 on 3 basketball tournament. We are blessed beyond measure with wonderful family & friends. I won’t even begin naming everyone that helped us today by donating items, playing basketball, & helping with concessions or elsewhere, or I will leave someone out. We had SO many loving people give of their money, time, & self today. We are too blessed for words. Thank you friends & family! Samuel thanks you too! We give God all the glory for today! He blessed us with over $800 to put towards Samuel coming home! Again, way above our expectations!

We serve a wonderful God! Where He brings you He WILL provide! We are so thankful to Him for all He has done!

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