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It’s been a while

Sorry! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been pretty busy with work. I’m thankful for that though!

Not much going on with the adoption. Just waiting, waiting, & did I mention waiting!????? Our home study has been in Korea for about 2 months. We are told that our referral should come by September. I’m hoping it’s a month or two sooner than that. I want this baby home before the end of the year! I know you shouldn’t do this, but I’ve looked at others timelines a lot lately. The people using *Barker (which is our agency) all have similar timelines…referral in 3-5 months with travel call in about 3 months after referral. That sounds good to me!

I’m praying our timeline will look similar, but am trying not to get my hopes up. I also know that it will happen in God’s timing. Everything we are going through is to have OUR baby. The one that He picked out specifically for us. I can’t wait to be a mommy! So, until then I’m gonna try & keep myself busy with something else…like blogging & stalking others blogs! 😉


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Yard Sale #3

We had another yard sale this past Saturday. God blessed us beyond what we thought! We made about $360! Woohoo! He’s so awesome! Now, we have a LOT more to go, but He’s going to provide. Even though sometimes it’s hard to remember this…He wouldn’t bring us this far to just drop us & leave our side. He’s there through & through even when it gets tough.

Thanks for our helpers, Gennie, Daniel, & Anna. We also thank all who donated! They gave us some awesome stuff! Thanks to Anna’s “Nanny” who let us use her yard as well.

Thank you God for your continuous blessings!

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Well, right after I posted my last post I went to my blogger friend Andrea’s blog & read a wonderful post that I truly needed to hear. You can go here to read the entire post, but here is a portion that truly spoke to me:

“Someone told me at the beginning of our journey, “Andrea—get your thick skin on girl. Adoption isn’t for the faint of heart.”

For those of you starting your journey, let me say that again: Get your thick skin on girls. Adoption isn’t for the faint of heart.

This is what you CAN’T expect. Don’t expect it to be easy. Don’t expect those you THINK will support you to support you. Don’t expect others to always “get it” or “get” how you are feeling. Don’t expect people to treat you as if you are expecting. Don’t expect your church to support you. Don’t expect everyone you love to be on board.

BUT this is what you CAN expect. Expect that you will be changed. Expect that your immediate family will grow closer in the process. Expect that it WILL BE WORTH IT. Expect that Lord will provide. Expect that His timing will be perfect. Expect to be anxious…and to struggle with being anxious for nothing…but expect to feel the peace that surpasses all understanding. Expect that you will NOT BE ALONE…there may not be others in your neighborhood…or even close by…but there are hundreds all over the country being called just like your family to go down this road. Not only will the Lord carry you through and BE WITH YOU THE ENTIRE TIME AS YOU CRY OUT TO HIM…but He will bring others to join you…walk with you…encourage you…and love you.”

Thanks Andrea for being an encouragement & allowing God to speak through you to touch people’s lives like mine. 🙂

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>Mother’s Day

>I am so thankful for each & every mother in my life! My mom, step-mom, & mother-in-law, as well as grandmothers, all have special places in my heart! I am thankful for all that they do for me.

Today is kind of bittersweet for me. I am closer to being a mother this year than I ever have been, but it still seems so far away. Will I ever get to become a mother? In my mind if feels like I will not ever be one. Yet, we are waiting for our referral of our child so eventually I will right? Part of what makes this mother’s day so hard is that my baby is somewhere on the other side of the world & I can’t have them home here with me. There are no definite timelines with adoption either. So at times it feels like our wait will continue on forever. 😦

It’s hard not having anyone close to me understand how I feel. I’m thankful for my blogger friends! It’s good to know that I’m not completely alone in this journey. **I know that I’m not completely alone…God is ALWAYS right by my side, sometimes I just don’t realize it.
I’m thankful for my family & close friends as well though! Family & friends, thank you so much for the encouragement & support that I receive from you all. I love you all!

Not trying to be so gloomy today, but this is how I feel today. This doesn’t change the fact that I am truly grateful for my momma!

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>Crazy love…again

>So a while ago I posted about a Crazy Love challenge from my friend @ A Place Called Simplicity. Well, she is doing another crazy love challenge, but this one is for those that are fundraising for their adoption. You can read about her crazy love challenge here. I have been following her blog since I first began mine, & her blog was one of the first that I came upon when I was looking into adoption.

One of our fundraisers is selling coffee. $5 of every bag sold goes directly to our adoption! If you would like to purchase coffee please click on the link on my side bar, or go to www.justlovecoffee.com/theperrys.

Another fundraiser is our T-shirt fundraiser. There is a link on the sidebar for this as well or you can go to www.adoptionbug.com/theperrys. There are several shirts to choose from. One has some Korean writing on it (Korea is where we are adopting from)! A portion of the cost comes directly to our adoption fund.

We also have a link on the sidebar to donate directly to us via paypal.

Thank you all for considering helping us bring our baby home! We have a lot to raise in just a few more months, but are trusting God to provide 100%! He has already provided so much & for each step/phase that we have had to pay. This last phase is just the biggest chunk! It seems unattainable to us, but we know our God can move mountains! That just makes it all the more HIM & not us!

Thank you so much! God bless!

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>So, not much happening around here as far as the adoption goes. We are just trying to save & raise as much money as we can. We were blessed today with more stuff for our next yard sale! Let me tell you, we are gonna have a HUGE next yard sale! We have been so blessed by others with stuff to sell. Now we just have to transport it all. That’s what we were doing some today. We had some wonderful people help us. We are blessed with loving family & friends! Don’t know what we’d do without them!

Just waiting for that referral phone call. We get asked a lot about how the adoption is going. I’m thankful people care, but all I have to tell right now is “we are waiting.” We’ll probably get that phone call somewhere at the end of summer into the fall. It’s a big wait time range, but there are no definite timelines with adoption! We who are adopting or who have know this. You just really don’t know. So prayers in the meantime would be much appreciated!

On to school…well, I finally finished my last class today for my BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)! I took my final exam today & did pretty good! I have had my ADN but for the last 2 years have been working towards my BSN. I am thankful to be done! I graduate next weekend! YAY!

Hope you all are having a blessed & wonderful weekend!

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