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>Yard Sales & money

>So, we had another yard sale today! I forgot I never posted how the last one went. The yard sale 2 weeks ago was only possible by our family & friends. We weren’t able to be there b/c we had an adoption class to go to. So, our family & friends stepped in for us. Thank you all for your hard work Emily, Joy, Dana, Joseph, Lindsay, Daniel & Anna! They raised about $200! Yay!

Today my dad’s neighborhood was having a community yard sale. So we loaded up & went off to their house this AM…at 6:00AM! We are tired, but it was well worth it. Today we raised about $128! Thank you daddy & Jenn for letting us use your yard & for all your help!

Special thanks go out to all who have donated yard sale items! We couldn’t have done this without your stuff!

Each penny raised is a step closer to our baby. Sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about the money we have left to save/raise. It’s a lot. I just have to remind myself that my God is BIGGER than that & He is going to provide. I don’t know when, where, or how, but know that He is. Some days instead of looking at the large amount at the end I have to focus on what we can do to save right now or what the next fundraiser can be.

Thanks to everyone that’s helped us out & that is contiuing to do so. All of the time, energy, money, & prayers mean a lot to us. ESPECIALLY the prayers!


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>New puppy

>Yes, I know we are crazy! We got a new puppy! Meet Ramsey! He is 12 weeks old & very laid back.

Both of my babies sleeping

Where he likes to chew on his toys

Playing tug of war!

Aren’t I cute?

Just chillin’

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>Here are some pics of our camping trip @ the beach with my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, & nieces & nephew.

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>The hubby & I got back from the beach yesterday. It was a much needed vacation away from everything! I am so grateful to my sister-in-law & brother-in-law for asking us to come with them! We camped at the beach in their camper. So much fun! We were able to spend a lot of time with them & our nieces & nephew. We LOVED it! We may just get a camper one day. We shall see!

Pics to come later!

*P.S.- Please say a prayer for our upcoming yard sale this Sat. We will be in Winston Salem attending an adoption class, but we have some wonderful friends & family that are going to run it for us. Thanks to you all! We love you!

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