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>We had our fingerprints taken today! Yay! We were only there about 15 minutes. We got there about 8:20 this morning & there was hardly anyone there so we were able to get them taken right away. It’s digital so that is nice! It took us longer to drive there, Durham, than we were in there.

I hope USCIS doesn’t take too long! Please send us our approval soon!


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>Yay! We got our fingerprint scheduling notice! Only thing is, there’s no appointment! From all of the other blogs & things I have read, people receive an appointment. Our papers came today & say at the top “Fingerprint Scheduling Notice.” It then says our names, address, & tells us which USCIS Center to go to with directions. Then it lists the hours of operation & tells us to bring this paper & one of the following pieces of identification (a picture ID). At the bottom it says “Please Note: You are allowed to come in anytime during the hours of operation. Please bring this letter with you.”

Has anyone else received a notice like this too? Just curious. I’m glad we get to go anytime we want though! Our plan is to go soon! Hopefully first thing next Wed. morning!

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>No orphanS OF God


I love this song! I got this from my friend Kala. Please watch the video & listen to the words of this song!


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>Yay! I’m so excited! We got an email today from our social worker that said our home study has been approved & is on it’s way to USCIS! Our copies are in the mail too! Sweet! Thank you Jesus! I was hoping it would get done this week! We should get our fingerprinting appointment soon I hope.

Thank you all for all the prayers!

Can’t you tell I’m exicted! (all those ! )

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>T-shirt fundraiser

>We have another fundraiser! We have a T-shirt store. Kinda like our coffee store. Please consider stopping by our store online & purchasing a T-shirt. Part of the proceeds go directly to us to support our adoption! Thank you!

Here’s the link:


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>Today has been a busy day! We had church this morning, then Bill had a meeting after church, then we had a basketball game to go to @ 2:00. Bill helps coach a 5-6 year old little kids basketball team. Today they had a make up game because of the game missed last weekend due to the snow. We are now resting up for just a bit before we go back to church to teach AWANA*. We wouldn’t change it for anything though! We are so blessed & thankful for all that the Lord has done & is still doing in our lives.
Church was wonderful! Our pastor talked about Christ dying on the cross for us. One thing he asked us was do we as Christians live like Christ deserved what happened to Him on the cross, or do we live like we deserve what happened to Christ, to happen to us? (something along those lines) Basically though, do we go around proud & expectant of what Christ did for us? He didn’t have to. What does your life show? It’s a tough question, but a lot of times we take what He did for granted, & almost expect it. I want Christ to know I’m thankful for all He has done for me…especially for taking MY punishment. Thank you Jesus! And when I complain & have a pity party, oh that I would look around & be thankful for what I do have & what I am going through & never forget the ultimate sacrifice that He gave for me.

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>Our home study is finally off to our agency for approval! Then it goes to USCIS & we wait for our fingerprint appointment. I hope it doesn’t take too long! I’m so glad things are finally moving forward. We’ve been stuck for over a month! Now, hopefully our social worker won’t take too long to approve it! 🙂 Thank you Jesus! It was so sweet to read the words, “Mr. and Mrs. Perry are approved to adopt a child or twins, male or female, 0-18 months, from Korea…” We’re almost there. Hopefully we are at least a quarter of the way there…maybe a little more! 🙂

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