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>the doctor

>Well, that doctor of Bill’s needs some motivation! Ah! My doctor finished my paper, but Bill’s still hasn’t even looked at it! He needs to have some more bloodwork done too! So that’ll take a couple more days. I know…patience. I’m trying. Lord, help me to know that this is all in Your perfect timing!


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>more paper work

>Well, the social worker called me yesterday from our home study agency. She said she is working on our home study! 🙂 The only thing is we have to get our MD to fill out another form! They originally told us that if our placing agency had a physical form to get filled out, then to just make a copy & send it to them. No sense in getting the doctor to fill out 2 forms! Well, evidently the form for NC is much more detailed than the form required for our dossier(packet to send to Korea) to Korea. So, my hubby dropped of our new forms at our MD office & will wait until they call & say they’re ready. Hopefully it won’t take them too long. The only thing is, the form requires certain bloodwork. We had bloodwork done, but don’t know if it’s the specific kind they need. Ugh! I knew I should’ve just taken both forms. I know, this is just an itty bitty tiny bump in the road, but I just feel like it could’ve been prevented. Hopefully it won’t delay us too much!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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>still waiting

>We did receive our “rough draft” of the home study last weekend. Now we are just waiting for the “real” thing. Sheesh! It’s been almost a week! I’m sure they are looking over a lot of home studies, but I wish they’d hurry & send ours to USCIS so we can get our fingerprinting appointment!

So…that’s all for now! Just waiting……………

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>Hey! Not much of an update, but we have finished our “dear birthmother” letter. We also collected & printed all of the pictures we wanted to send to Korea & signed the rest of our paperwork with our placing agency (just 2 papers). So, today I sent our “dear birthmother” letter, pictures, 2 more forms, & our medical forms to our agency. Now we should be getting our home study any day. The waiting begins! We have nothing to do as far as paper work goes, right now anyways. We just wait for our fingerprinting appointment. We are waiting on USCIS.

On another great note though, we got our first check from our coffee fundraiser! We got $75! Yay! We got about $200 around Christmas, so our funds are slowly, but surely growing! The wonderful ladies at our church are getting started on a church cook book with the proceeds going towards our adoption too! That is awesome! I love our church family! They are so wonderful & God is GOOD!

Now, couponing! 🙂 Super doubles @ Harris Teeter, they double any coupon up to $1.98 this week! I’m just gonna list what I got, & the price. I’ve done better, but I got things that I didn’t have coupons for too!

Mountain Dew can drinks
Heinz ketchup
3 boxes of Rice-a-roni
2 packets of Uncle Ben’s ready rice
1 box of Uncle Ben’s brown rice
TBonz treats
Lysol wipes
Baked Lays
2 boxes of Special K cereal bars
2 boxes of Special K protein bars
Beggin strips
Peanut butter crackers
2 canisters of Wet Ones wipes
Suave body wash
2 boxes of Sun crystals sugar sub.
2 packages of Stayfree
2 boxes of Carefree
Herbal Essence conditioner
2 packs of cubed steak
2 packs of beef tips
1 pork sirlion
1 pack of King’s Hawaiian rolls
1 loaf of bread
1 bag of Gorton’s grilled shrimp scampi
2 bags of Kraft shredded cheddar cheese
6- 6oz. yogurts Dannon
1 Coffee mate creamer
Hormel sliced turkey sandwich meat

Total: $53.38
Total saved this trip: $87.18!!!!!!!

Woohoo!!!!!!! What do ya’ll think?

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>New Year!

>I’m so excited about this new year! I know it is going to be a wonderful year with many blessings from God! I just wanted to share with all of you about a challenge my blogger friend Andrea gave. She challenged all that read her blog to reading the Bible in a year chronologically. So, I’d like to challenge all of my friends the same. Sorry it’s 2 days into the new year, but you can catch up! We can all encourage and hold one another accountable!

Here is the link for the daily readings:

Please print it off & join us! We are all sharing & posting our thoughts on the readings each day here. I hope to grow closer to Christ & be right where He wants me to be! I want to learn as much as I can about Him, so I can be like Christ & share His love.

I wish you all a wonderful & happy new year, & hope you’ll join me in drawing closer to Him!

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