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>Well, we’re all signed up to start some of our education. We are taking a class online call “With eyes wide open: A Preparation Guide to International Adoption.” I just registered us for that, and I’m ready to start it, but I guess we’ll wait until tomorrow. We have to do it together, so I’ll wait for Bill. I’m also reading a book called “Raising Adoptive Children.” It’s pretty eye opening. It makes you think of things you otherwise wouldn’t have. No matter how much we want to think that color and culture changes don’t matter, they do. It does to the child.

I am gratefully doing all this because it is taking us one step closer to our baby, but it just amuses me a little. We have to read books and take classes in order to “prepare” and be ready for our international adoption. Yet biological parents don’t have to do anything. It just seems funny to me because I feel like it’s one of those things that you won’t really know how it is, until your in the situation. Oh well! I guess it’s better to be prepared and know what things might come up, or what things our child may ask us one day!

On another note we, along with my dear friend Beth, passed out about 350 “Gift wrapping” flyers today in Rolesville! It wasn’t too bad though! We are trying our best to broadcast it and let people know. I hope people come!

Well, have a great night’s sleep everyone!


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>I have SO much to be thankful for! I can’t even begin to name everything. All of the thanks goes to my sweet Jesus who loves me unconditionally! I’m so thankful to be adopted into His family! I’m also thankful for a wonderful hubby who loves me and would do anything for me. I’m thankful for our wonderful families, friends, and church who all support us and love us. Thanks everyone for all your support. You’ll never know what it means!

Yesterday was so nice to visit with family. We went to my dad’s and Jenn’s for breakfast followed by the Raybon’s, with my mom, for lunch! We were so stuffed! Bill’s family was in Florida having a wonderful time. We missed them a lot and can’t wait until they get back home tomorrow!

Later that night my sister Gennie came and spent the night with us. We got up @ 4AM this morning to be with all the other crazy people! Bill & I have done this every year! For some reason we love it, & love the deals we get! We don’t have much extra $ this year with the economy the way it’s been & with trying to save for the adoption. We just put aside a certain amount each week starting several weeks back, & what we had is what we could spend, no more. We actually did wonderful & had some left over! That’s going in the “baby fund”! When we got all finished we came home, took a nap, and then put all of our Christmas stuff up! It’s beautiful! I love this time of year!

Oh yeah, I just wanted to let you all know about our fundraiser coming up! Next Saturday we are having a Christmas gift wrapping fundraiser. It’s Sat., Dec. 5 from 2p-5p @ New Life Church of God of Prophecy in Rolesville in their fellowship hall. They have been gracious in offering us that space. We will also be selling home made baked goods! Please bring your presents to us & let us wrap them for you for a donation to our adoption fund! Help us raise money to bring our baby home to their forever family! 🙂

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>Post homestudy visit #1

>So, we had visit #1 today! It went well. Although our nerves were in a bundle big time! She was supposed to be here @ 3:30, but didn’t arrive until 4:00! But it’s all b/c I told to turn left instead of right! She was going the complete opposite from our home! Oh well! She called and it was straightened out. I felt so bad! I wrote her the directions @ about midnight so, I was a little tired!

When she finally got here, we were still nervous for the first little bit, but then she made us feel at ease. She was extremely nice, and it really did feel like she was on our side. It was easy to talk to her. She answered a lot of our questions, and asked us about many things. We talked about our family, church family, our decision to adopt, and of course some finances. She was here about an hour, but it didn’t seem that long.

Another awesome thing is that Buddy, our daschund, behaved! He barks A LOT @ people he doesn’t know. He doesn’t have a small bark either. He sounds like a huge dog, even though he’s short! Well, praise the Lord, he only barked a couple of small barks @ the beginning, and then he was quiet the rest of the time. He was such a good boy and he liked her!

So, the next step is our individual interviews. She said she would contact us after Thanksgiving and do them both the same day. We’re moving right along! Can’t wait to have our little one here in their home!

Thanks everyone for all the prayers! Even though we were nervous, we could definitely tell that you all were lifting us up!

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>The Countdown

>So, just thought I’d write something right fast. We have about an hour before our social arrives @ our house! Nerves are all bundled up! Ahh! I know, we just need to be ourselves and be comfortable. Well, guess what? It’s easier said than done! Those that have been through this before know. We are trying to remember that the agency WANTS to place a child and are here to help us. So, I’ll let you all know how it goes later tonight! Don’t know what time I’ll be able to post b/c I’ve got a lot going on tonight, but be on the lookout for it! 🙂

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>Oh Brother!

>Yes, I have a wonderful brother, Daniel! He is so considerate and sweet! He always offers to help us anytime. So you know we have been trying to get everything ready for our home study. Well, we have our first appointment time! It’s gonna be on this Friday @ 3:30! Yikes, that means we are running out of time! We need to get things done around here!

Well, my sweet brother offered to help us out by offering his help on his day off. He helped me trim our bushes, and power wash our house (even though it was kinda cold today, especially when you’re wet)! They both needed to be done really bad. The bushes were huge and the front of the house looked bad. The sun doesn’t shine much on the front of the house. It looks wonderful now!

Then my sweet hubby, when he got home from work, helped me out in the yard a little more. Then we had supper and worked on the inside! We got the baby’s room ready and fixed the guest/office/game room! 3 in 1! He put a lot of things we don’t use much in the attic and helped move furniture around. I know he’s tired! It’s all done now though! Yay! Now I’ll just probably do my normal cleaning on Friday morning. Well, maybe a little more than normal! 🙂

Please say a little prayer for us on Friday! Now I need to finish up my autobiography! Bill sat down and finished his already last night while I was at work!

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>Getting ready

>So, I know they say your house doesn’t have to be perfect for the home study visit, but we are trying to get some things done around the house. We want it to look nice. There’s just some things that have needed to be done, and the home study has given us the extra little boost to get them done. Things like, paint our storage building, trim the bushes, straighten out the flower beds and de-weed them, clean out the room that’s going to be the babies, and power wash the house. We did a little outside today. It’s gorgeous outside! We mainly just straightened up the flower beds and such. There’s still more to do, but only so much time. We still need to power wash the house, and trim the bushes (after the last little icident though, it may not get done, at least not with electric trimmers)! I know it doesn’t have to be perfect b/c many people have gone through the home study process and have done fine. We will too, it’s just a little nerve wrecking!

Still working on my autobiography too. It’s kind of hard! Once you get started though, it’s not too bad. I just want to make sure that I word things the right way! You know, some things can be taken different ways depending on the person reading it. You may have meant it one way, and it sounded write in YOUR head, but not in the person’s reading it. Oh well! We’ll get through that too I guess. On another note, going along with the home study, all of our references have finished and are ready to send them in on Monday! Yay! That’s one step closer to our baby! Thanks to all of you that did that for us. We really appreciate it!

And one last thing, we got a donation for our adoption! Thanks to Bill’s mom. We still have a long way to go, but every bit counts and we are so thankful.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Oh yeah, this was just for you Mrs. Terri…and you too Daniel! 🙂

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>Assigned our SW

>Well, I got a call from our homestudy agency today, and we have been assigned our social worker! Yay! Now things should really get going! Hopefully we’ll hear from her by the end of the week!

One thing that scares me a little bit though is that in the homestudy, they want it to prove we have funds available to pay for the adoption. Basically, Korea wants proof we’ll have the money to send when the time comes. Whether the proof of funds be savings, loan, home equity line of credit doesn’t matter. As long as there is a hefty chunk we are able to access if needed! Ahh!!! We don’t nearly have enough to pay for all of that! We are doing as much as we can to save $. We’ve decreased the Dish to the local channels, decreased our cell phone to the lowest plan, & I cancelled my gym membership (a while back), but that’s only gonna be $100 extra a month! I guess it’s a start. Something wonderful is that Bill is gonna have the opportunity to take a part time job. This will be extra money & if he likes it he’ll be able to go full-time at the beginning of the year! Yay! It’ll be better benefits & more security.

On another note, church tonight was awesome! We’ve been going through Genesis, and recently talking about Jacob. One thing that stuck out is that God made a promise to Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob. He fulfilled all of those promises reguardless of what man did. So, what makes us think He won’t come through for us? I’m really trying to take a step back & truly rely on God. I’ve been saying it, yet trying to work it out & figure it out on my own. I’ve got to slow down, take a deep breath, & give it up, or I’m gonna go crazy! We SERIOUSLY can’t do this on our own. God WILL provide!

Thanks for reading all that! 🙂

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