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>So, yesterday we told our Sunday School class. We wanted to wait to make it public news until we knew if they liked our initial application. Bill felt like it was the right time, so he told everyone during prayer request time. It feels good to know we have so much support from our brothers and sisters in Christ! We will definitely need a lot of encouragement and support. Our immediate family already knew, so we were just waiting a bit to tell everyone. I guess I was scared of failure, that the agency wouldn’t like us, or that we wouldn’t qualify (even though we knew the qualifications and met all of them!). There’s still a chance that they might not like us after our interview, but as I said before, she said that we would leave with a stack of paperwork. So that sounds hopeful! I guess we just need to be ourselves and be honest and truthful in our answers.

I’m excited to see what God is going to do!


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>Well, I finally got in touch with the social worker. We played phone tag. She was in meetings all day. Then, Bill cut his finger using an electric hedge trimmer. He wasn’t paying attention! It scared me to death. I’m a nurse and can deal with blood, but it’s different when its your family! Especially your husband. I wrapped it in gauze and off to the urgent care we went! We had to wait forever! He ended up cutting it in three places. They had to cut a skin flap off. She said he didn’t need stitches b/c it was a clean straight cut. So he got a dressing on it and we were on our way back home. It was about 4:30 in the afternoon. On the way home there is one area where my cell doesn’t get service. Wouldn’t you know that is when the social worker would call me back! My phone said I had a message so I checked it, and it was her and she said she was going to try me at home! Oh no! I called her back right fast, and thankfully she answered!

So, we finally got our application interview scheduled! Yay! We are going to Williamsburg next weekend, so I asked if she had anything next Thurs., Fri., or the next Mon. around that weekend. She had an opening on Mon.! So, our interview is on Mon., Nov. 2 @ 9:30! We are so nervous. We know that it is all in God’s hands, but it’s still a little nerve wrecking! She said all we have to do is bring ourselves, and then we would leave with a stack of papers to fill out. She said it wouldn’t nearly be the amount we would need for our homestudy! There’s so much paper work to be done. I’m gonna try to work hard on it all and finish it in good time. I definitely don’t want any hold ups to be b/c of us not finishing paperwork!

Well, I guess now we just have to wait until Nov. 2! Then we’ll see. It sounds like they like us already since she said we would leave with a stack of paper work. That sounds promising!

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>Phone call

>So, the phone call came…yesterday! We were both at work. The SW left a message for us to call her back so we can schedule our application interview! I tried to call this morning but she wasn’t in the office yet! Waiting yet again! Oh well. I’m sure we’re going to have much more waiting to do than just this. I’ll post when I know when we’re going to the D.C. area for our interview!

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>So right now we are waiting to hear back from the agency whether or not we are accepted. I emailed the SW and told her that we had sent in our application so she could be looking for it. I also asked how long before we would know anything. She responded back today and said that if she receives it by Monday, then we can expect a phone call from her by the end of next week! Now, this won’t be our official “acceptance”, but if our pre-liminary application looks okay, then they will call us and schedule an application interview. For the application interview we will have to travel to Maryland. That is where our agency is. They also have an office in D.C. and Virginia.

We are going to be travelling to Williamsburg for the last weekend of October. I’m hoping the social worker will call us and we’ll be able to set up an interview somewhere around that time. That would be great! We’re kind of going that way anyways! I just don’t know if we’ll be able to get an interview that soon. We’ll see soon enough I guess! They have to like our pre-liminary application first! This is going to be a looooooonnnnnnnnng year! It’ll be worth it!

Oh yeah! I think I forgot to mention in my first entry that we are applying to adopt from Korea!

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>Well, I really don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never had a blog before, but figured this would be a good idea to track our adoption journey. A little easier than a journal. Plus I figured I’m always on the computer anyways so…I could take a little time to write here.

We have been thinking about adoption for a while now. We wanted to make sure that this is what God wanted us to do. We decided that it was, so, we sent in our adoption application today! I hope we hear something soon! They will call us and schedule an application interview, and then we find out if we are accepted or approved. It’s gonna be a long process, but certainly worth the wait!

There are so many things going through my head right now, and we’ve only just begun! It seems so overwhelming, but I know it’s worth it. One major thing that can be overwhelming is the financial aspect! Where are we gonna get all that money!? It’s when I start thinking those things that I have to stop and slow down, and remember that God has called us to do this, and He WILL provide. We have to sacrifice and do our part, but He will provide and see us through!

Everyone’s prayers would be appreciated. Pray for peace and comfort.

I can’t wait to meet our little one! YAY!

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