Super huge update

Such blog neglect happening this year! I need to do a better job to document everything so I can turn my blog into a kind of family yearbook. We’ve been a little busy. 🙂 We are finally a family of four & are loving it. Lily is a wonderful addition to our family & she fits right in. Since I’m so far behind, I’m going to just post pictures of what’s been happening the last several months.


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Tee ball!


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My birthday & the referral of our beautiful daughter, Lily


SO excited we have a daughter!!!!

SO excited we have a daughter!!!!




Washing my first load of mostly PINK clothes



Meeting & bringing home our daughter


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So, these were just the highlights. Of course a lot more went on, but because I didn’t blog it, I don’t remember all the details. Hoping to do better from now on since we are settled as a family of four. However next week I start back to work! 😦  That’s gonna throw a curve ball & will take some getting used to too.



We have been home for about 7 weeks! Here’s a small update with pictures.

Our adoption from Japan

Yes….I know! We’ve been home almost 7 weeks & you haven’t had an update. I’m SO SORRY!!! If we are friends on Inst*gram or F*cebook then you have seen our updates there. 🙂 I haven’t had the time or made the time to sit down & update the blog. Our family blog hasn’t been updated in forever! I’m so behind.

We have been getting used to being a family of four & absolutely love it!! I have also enjoyed my time at home with the kids (I wrote kids!!!! Eek! I still cannot believe she’s home & she’s ours!! 🙂 ). Lily is the perfect fit for our family. She is a cuddly little love bug. We’ve been busy with bonding, doctors appointments, play dates, swimming lessons for Samuel, church, lots of visitors for Lily, & everyday life. Just trying to find our new normal & get in that groove…

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Baby shower

We had a baby shower! So much fun! We are getting ready for baby Perry!

Our adoption from Japan

We had a baby shower at our church a couple of weekends ago. Thank you to the ladies in the church for the yummy food & especially to my best friend, Beth, for making it so special for us. We had some Japanese treats & cherry blossoms! How exciting it was! We were so excited for this day & it was wonderful to see how excited our family & friends were too! We are thankful to everyone that came & to everyone that blessed us with gifts for our little one. We had a good variety of gifts & didn’t get many duplicates except for diapers & wipes, which are definitely needed! Samuel wanted to tear through the gifts just to open them. 🙂 He was a good helper & he even got a gift too. 🙂 That kept him occupied for a little while.

007 The cutest idea! We had…

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The nursery

We’ve been getting ready for baby! We are ready to meet our son or daughter. Please come home soon! We pray for you daily & think of you often.

Our adoption from Japan

We’ve had the baby nursery mostly complete for a little while now. We didn’t want to not have it ready for when the call came. Plus it kept us busy for a little while. Right now, we like busy! It keeps us occupied. We are still #3 & have been for about 2 months. Trying not to think about that too much & trust that it’ll happen soon. We are all praying (Samuel included) that our son or daughter comes home soon. We would love to travel this spring, but aren’t sure if that’s gonna happen.

So, back to the nursery. We did a gender neutral color & I love it! I had been looking at different ideas for a while (yeah….we’ve been in this adoption process for 2.5 years now) & really liked the idea of stripes on one wall. We have Samuel’s crib & changing table. We will…

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4 year old photo shoot



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More birthday fun!

We had a lot of fun on Samuel’s birthday. We went to Marbles museum since we have a membership there that was given to us as a Christmas present (Thanks Mimi & Pop-pop!). My brother & his girls met us there for a few hours of fun! After the Marbles fun we came home for a nap & then daddy got home in time to celebrate before we went to church. 🙂

He decided to fix his own hair with his new hair gel!

He decided to fix his own hair with his new hair gel!

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Sweet babies!

Sweet babies!

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Bedhead! He had just gotten up from a nap. Now it's time to open a couple of small gifts from mommy & daddy. :)

Bedhead! He had just gotten up from a nap. Now it’s time to open a couple of small gifts from mommy & daddy. 🙂

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Officially 4 years old!

Officially 4 years old!

The day before his birthday we celebrated with his preschool class with cupcakes. He got to celebrate all week!

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Then on Friday night Bill & I took him to see Dinosaur Train live! He loved it & had fun. It was a fun family night! Dinner at Moe’s & then the show.

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We celebrated Samuel’s 4th birthday with family at our house on the 22nd of February. He has been so excited to turn 4 for months!! He couldn’t wait. We are so thankful to all of our family that came to celebrate with us. We love you all! Thank you for joining us in celebrating our special boy & what he means to us. I cannot believe that he is 4 years old! Where does the time go?

Samuel, mommy & daddy love you so much! You are our joy! We are so thankful that God gave us you. You are so smart, caring, loving, & fun. 🙂 We pray that God would bless you & watch over you. We also pray that you would come to know Him at an early age & spend your life serving Him. We are forever grateful to your birth mother for choosing life for you & being so brave! We will always have so much respect for her. We will also be thankful for your foster family that took care of you & loved you until we could. We cannot wait until you are a big brother! You will be the best big brother ever!


The birthday boy!



Yes, you will see there is a mixed theme. Hey, it’s what the birthday boy wanted! 😉


Taking a nap with Juju before the party got started.


My life!


So, here’s the themes. 🙂 He wanted 18 wheeler, Cars, & Avengers. So, that’s what he got!


Cake is not perfect, but made with love from momma. Thanks for the idea Beth!


There were food themes to go along. Mater’s Dip Sticks


Luigi’s Tower of Tires


Thor’s Hammer


Captain America’s shield


He loved it & that’s all that mattered!











So thankful for the women that loved him before us.





We were blessed with beautiful weather so everyone could go outside!



My sweet boy! How are you 4?



Proud of his UNC jersey


He melts me! Love you sweet boy! Happy birthday!